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Caliper Executive Report


This Caliper personality assessment tool, which is backed up by over 50 years of research and refinement, measures over 23 personality traits as well as an Abstract Reasoning component to look past the interview performance and identify whether a candidate has what it takes to succeed as a manager in your business.

The graph on the left provides a sample of what information can be uncovered through the Caliper Leadership Profile. It is important to recognize that predictions of likely behavior are based on a combination of many different traits. That is, a single trait is not an absolute indicator that a particular behavior will be demonstrated under all circumstances.

Caliper Management & Leadership Behaviours:

As you can see in the graph on the left, this applicant can be deemed as having a lower competency potential in the Personal Organisation / Time Management category, thus their overall suitability benchmark is set with their lowest score. This allows us to determine a number of important factors. Firstly, it outlines if an applicant is suited for the job at hand, allowing us to compare the applicants scores with successful managers in the same area or company. Secondly, it also identifies areas where a potential employee may need training.

The key areas that our Caliper Leadership Profile assess are as follows:

Leadership – Leaders are individuals who enjoy the challenge of sharing new ideas with others, overseeing projects, managing operations as well as passing on their knowledge to others in order to develop strengths and new talents.

Problem Solving – All roles require an individual to recognise problems as they arise, undertake an appropriate level of analysis and implement a strategy for resolution of the issue. While some roles require a high level of strategic analysis and ‘big picture’ thinking, others require a more detailed focus and willingness to see things through to completion.

Influencing – Persuasive individuals enjoy the challenge of influencing others, negotiating and gaining buy-in. Many also enjoy establishing new contacts, making presentations, acting as a resource, competing for new opportunities, as well as maintaining long-term contacts with whom they can cultivate additional business.

Interpersonal – Interpersonal competency is indicated by a person’s capacity to relate well in one-on-one and group situations. They will usually have an enjoyment of social interaction and can modify their messages as well as styles of presentation to meet the needs to expectations of the audience, while at the same time, accomplishing their own mission. They posses the capacity to work in a team and communicate with others in order to accomplish goals.

Personal Organisation / Time Management – All roles require an individual to structure and manage time – to set an agenda on an individual basis or to fit in and follow a set of guidelines set by others. In addition, individuals may need to balance a requirement to produce results in a timely manner while maintaining consistent standards of quality and attention to detail.

Service / Consulting – Service / Consulting is marked by an inner satisfaction from receiving recognition for efforts of assisting another person – from receiving a thank you. Individuals who are effective in a service role also posses the capacity to maintain a focus on the task at hand when faced with difficult people, and to negotiate effective win-win outcomes.



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