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Analyse Your Team

AAS analysis sales professionals in two ways, first we analyse their Inbuilt Traits (IT) and secondly their Acquired Attributes (AA). Inbuilt traits are the characteristics of personality hardwired into our thoughts, motivations and behaviour. Through analysis of these inbuilt traits, we can identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to their role as well as their match to the organisation’s culture and future development potential. The Caliper Sales Profile and Caliper Executive Report are examples of the tests used to measure Inbuilt Traits.

Further, Acquired Attributes are explained as the soft-skills an individual has developed throughout their sales career. This knowledge can be acquired through real world sales experience, or through formal training and professional development. Through analysing employee scores, we are able to create tailored training solutions that will boost sales success. To measure Acquired Attributes we use the Sales Competency Assessment , which identifies the skills an individual has learned throughout their sales career.

Understanding the five tiers

From the IA and AA reports we compile for each of our subjects, we cluster salespeople into five groups.

Tier 1: Top 15%

These are the top producers. We tell companies to invest more money in training Tier 1 people than any other group. Such training usually takes the form of personal mentoring or coaching.

These are the people who are going to achieve and surpass performance goals; they’re the heavy lifters, and so are worth the most to a company.

Tier 2: Solid 20%

These are solid producers, who with the right training will not only help companies achieve sales targets, but might become top producers. We recommend customised training packages for these salespeople to address those Acquired Attributes that are keeping them from closing sales at the same rate as top producers.

Tier 3: Average 30%

These are salespeople who produce at a rate that is usually acceptable to most companies, but nowhere near the level of top producers. However, these are still valuable members of a sales staff and hey often respond very well to the kind of training offered to Tier 2 performers. Generally, average performers have the potential to improve greatly with additional basic training in sales process.

Tier 4: Below Average 20%

These are the salespeople who struggle with goals, but still achieve sales. Thorough training in sales process and some targeted training in specific areas will reap benefits.

Tier 5: Bottom 15%

These people generally won’t be successful in the role they are in, or for which they’ve been groomed. Tier 5 salespeople either need to be redeployed or given some very basic training to see if they can change their trajectory.

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